Specializing in helping new entrepreneurs and small businesses

Creativity and functionality.

Welcome! As an independent web designer on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, I strive to create a website that you are 100% happy with.

Years ago, I began playing with art programs and making primitive old-school websites for fun. Soon, I was building them for friends. Eventually, I was offered a paid job to build a site and from that point on, it became a paid hobby.

I signed up for a basic HTML class at the local college. From building one site, it went forward, and more business came in. All of the sites I have built have been through word of mouth. That is the greatest feeling–knowing that my work ethic and character are valued enough, that my name is suggested to others.

Until 2018, I built sites from scratch. With most people using mobile devices to browse and shop, the need to build responsive sites was evident. As with everything else, I taught myself to do WordPress sites, in order to stay current and deliver the best experience for viewers. 

My Core Values:

  • Being trustworthy and honest
  • Delivering 100% satisfaction
  • Being reliable & communicative
  • Very easy to work with

I enjoy working with all people, whether you have a large business or are an entrepreneur/small business. I have created a variety of sites.

I pride myself on the ability to listen to your needs, goals, vision, and take into account the view of your potential client, in order to come up with a personalized website.

I take on one project at a time to ensure it is given my full and best attention.

Check out my services and feel free to ask me any questions you have.