Who is Janelle? Wife ∙ Mother ∙ BossBabe

Thank you so much for being here ♥ My name is Janelle. A little bit about me. I am a highly sensitive, intuitive, open minded, ambitious and creative woman! Organization is a passion of mine, I love color – coding, and have multiple planners! I have two children who are little mini me’s with their own amazing personalities. I share my life with my supportive, loving husband who is always encouraging me to be my best self!!


My motto:
Envision  ∙ Design with your thoughts a mental image of what you want your life to look like. Feel the feelings of having all that you want, already in your life! Think positive, intentional, purpose filled thoughts

Hustle ∙ Create goals around what you desire and take {inspired} action consistently and fiercely!

Receive ∙ Watch your dreams become your reality! Truly believe that everything you envision can come to fruition! Receive with gratitude ♥

“Janelle not only makes my life easier, she reminds me every day of my “why” for my goals and fuels the fire of my dreams. I am blessed beyond measure to have her by my side. Making an impact one day at a time, She makes it all possible! Janelle is the best EA in the world!!”

You can do anything but not everything” – David Allen

You know you are ready to start delegating some of your never ending ‘To Do’ list out, but you don’t know where to start. What is actually delegable … who can you trust enough to hand over these precious and sometimes not-so-precious, yet very important tasks to? Sister, I got you! From managing your email to keeping track of your ideas via several voice memos throughout the day as you receive divine downloads – I am your person! I am here to SUPPORT you so that you can INVEST your energy into your purpose! We all have our zone of genius and it’s my pleasure to help you so that you can stay in yours without feeling burnt out on tasks that are draining you!

The most important thing to me is protecting my energy, and I want to make sure that you are protecting your energy as well!

“Team work makes the dream work!”

If you’re a BossBabe with a growing business who is a little woo woo, extremely ambitious, and understands the importance of a well placed F word, who is looking for a like minded- driven, creative, organized, happy soul- I want to connect with YOU! So let’s get together and see if I can be the missing piece to your magical puzzle- because my friend, don’t kid yourself, you and what you do in this world is magic!