Tis the season

Tis the season

During this time of year everyone is hustling and bustling and marking their lists off for people they’ve bought gifts for. Other lists are comprised of grocery items for the holiday meal and/or goodies to be made… then there is the list of who you are seeing, on what day and what time. You may have doodles next to names or self-drawn emojis to indicate favorite and not-so-favorite relatives/friends. We also have to give some thought into the White Elephant gift, and try to remember if it was something personally purchased or given by a person who might be at the event. All this thinking and planning to do!! And on top of that, it’s easy to get annoyed at the extra long lines in the store, or hard to find places to park at the malls you frequent.

You may be one who shops for new clothing to wear to parties and holiday gatherings, looking your very best for those relatives you might see only once a year. You might be telling the stories in your head of how lucky or blessed you are; a rehearsal of what you’ll share when all are gathered around the table or living room.

As you head out the door to go celebrate, looking your very best, gifts stacked in the trunk… you missed it. As you drove through the city wearing your winter coat and warm fuzzy scarf, the car heater adjusted to a warm perfect temperature, you missed it. You drove past the church, the nursing home, the hospital, the soup kitchen and the cardboard tents along the park. You missed it. You missed the opportunity of what the season is all about — giving. Giving of your time to serve a hot meal to those who most likely don’t even have a kitchen. Giving time to sing carols or spread some cheer to the elderly, many feeling alone during Christmas. Giving time to say hello and share a prayer of healing to those laying in hospital beds. Giving a few moments to drop off warm blankets, used jackets, personal hygiene packages, bottled water, socks, space blankets, or sacked meal to the homeless.

What we have been graciously given or blessed to earn, means nothing unless we give back and pay it forward. People are lonely and hurting in this world. They are hungry and cold in many places. You have the ability to share and give, and send a ripple of loving energy into this world. Please consider an act of kindness… I guarantee you’ll feel blessed!

Merry Christmas to all!


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