The Mom Journey

The Mom Journey

Every new mom wants to read the most recommended books about parenting
and join all of the “momma bear” or “mom life” Facebook groups so that
they can know what to do when their baby comes; how to identify each
cry, navigate the winding unpaved path, and tame every tantrum.

The truth is Mommas, every child & every situation is different.

Here is what I know after 16 years of parenting a boy and a girl who
are completely different yet very much the same:

Being a mom is by far the hardest, most challenging job you’ll ever
know. It doesn’t matter how strict you are –  they will still
misbehave.  But don’t try to be too nice – they will still misbehave.
You have to find a strong balance between parent and friend. To grow
and nurture this kind of relationship I have found that it takes a lot
of trust building which means allowing them freedom. Helping them, yet
giving them the space for error, lessons to be learned and personal
growth. It’s not always being there with the right answer, it’s not
always catching them when they fall, and it’s not always giving them a
prize for a “job well done”. I take pride in raising open minded,
compassionate, gentle hearted, understanding, smart, loving humans,
which means we won’t always like each other and that’s okay because
they know, no matter what, that I love them unconditionally. I am
their biggest cheerleader & their toughest coach. Hugs are given
freely and constantly in our household, but spankings were given too
when necessary. Respect is just as important as open and honest communication.

I am obsessed with my children – they are literally my best friends,
but I am their mom first.Momma, The only thing you need to know as a mom (new or experienced)
is that the human(s) you’ve created loves you and knows nothing other
than what you’re going to teach them. Just do your personal best. Give,
but don’t be afraid to take. Allow them to be their own self, but
don’t forget they need guidance. Forgive them, and forgive yourself.

It’s a journey- YOUR journey and THEIR journey… enjoy it!
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