My Dining room table

My Dining room table

My Dining room table

I saw this table two years ago and fell in love. I wanted it, but financially it wasn’t the best time to make such a big purchase (we had just bought our first home).

Every time I saw it at Fred Meyers my heart filled with joy and my eyes lit up. It was everything I wanted in a table. The size, the look, the feeling I got! Then one day, it was no longer there and my heart sank. I looked at other tables and nothing brought me the same amount of joy! Pinterest couldn’t even find me a table that made my heart full, like this table.

A few months ago I found my table again! It was at a different Fred Meyers and my eye lit up when I saw it! I had $120 in gift cards and was asking for money for Christmas so that I could get her (yes, my table is a her) … I was holding off until Black Friday so I could get the best price, so I could justify this big purchase. If you don’t already know me, I am a BARGAIN shopper. I love a good deal, I use coupons, I price match.. you may call me frugal, I like to say I am financially responsible 😉 As the story goes, Black Friday came, the table was on SALE but, the dimensions were too big for our car (of course) or my Father In Laws SUV. Heart broken. I tried to just tell myself we had a good table and I didn’t need it. But I wanted her soooo badly!

About a week ago, I gave my gift cards to Rachel, my soul sister and I am the Director of Operations for her company! She lives right next to “the” Fred Meyers, and I said, next time you go, if the table and chairs are there, please get it for me- use the gifts cards and I will PayPal you the rest, and I will figure out how to get it to me. I didn’t want to lose her!!

A few days pasted. I was sitting in my living room, working. And Rachel called me. She started telling me how sorry she was because Fred Meyers had sold out the table and chairs and it was no longer available. As I was consoling her “Don’t be sorry! Thank you for even trying for me!” I heard my door bell ring. My husband answered, and Rachel JUMPED into my house! She was BEAMING with joy! I was in shock! SO happy to see her, confused, SURPRISED, and suddenly aware that I was not wearing a bra.

She said, “Look!” as she was practically jumping in place with pure giddiness. And there is was, in the back of her truck! MY TABLE and CHAIRS!! I was overwhelmed in the BEST way! Then she said, “I was going to give you a bonus for all that you do, so don’t worry about the balance!”

I remember getting $25 Holiday bonuses at work, and I was grateful, but knew that I deserved more. But this, wow. And to see the happiness and the gratitude in HER eyes for gifting me this wonderful gift, that just intensified my own gratitude and happiness!

We celebrated by driving around town with our daughters, eating lunch, and enjoying each others company.

I had this table on my vision board for two years. I dreamt about it. I envisioned eating dinners with my family and playing games around this table. And, now we have it!

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