How does she do it all?

How does she do it all?

How does she do it all?

She has help 🙂

Earlier this week a lovely friend asked me if I ever feel like I have too much on my plate? When I answered “Nope!” She asked how I do it all?

•  That night I got home from work just after 10pm. My husband greeted me, walked me over to our dining room table and said “I taught the kids how to play Texas Hold em”. He showed me their scores, and told me about how each of them processed & played the game. Then he said that they wanted to play with me. Johnny said I wouldn’t play well because I can’t hide my feelings (face tells all) and Ari said I would probably win because I would manifest the perfect cards to which Johnny asked what manifesting was and Ari responded by saying “I’m going to tell mom, it’s what she does!”

•  Every minute that I miss with my children, they are with someone who loves them! When it’s my husband who is with them, not only do I know they are taken care of, and having fun, but he fills me in on everything I missed. Communication is one of the most undervalued KEY aspects of a phenomenal relationship!

•  The simple truth is, I am able to do everything I do, because A) I freaking LOVE what I do.  B)  I have the very best support system, and C) Because in living my dream, my purpose, and fulfilling my own missions in life- I am teaching my children how to dream bigger and live a life they are obsessed with!

•  Some nights, I say sweet dreams via FaceTime… some nights I lay in bed with my children before they fall asleep. Every night they know I love them and I know they love me. My husband is the best partner I could ask for, and we always make up for the nights we are apart.

•  Two of the most valuable things in this world is our HEALTH and our TIME. I choose to make choices that will make me happier, healthier, full of gratitude, and I choose to fill my time with what will accomplish all of the above 🙂

•  A vision, support, communication and love~ that’s how I do it.

With gratitude,

Janelle McMiller


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  1. Love this! It is simple and potent and packed full of inspiration! ♥️

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