Color My World – And Website!

Color My World – And Website!

When we think of the seasons, certain colors instantly come to mind, with slight variations depending on experiences, location and culture. Colors invoke feelings. Feelings can be a persuasive tool to grab attention or sell someone a product or idea. Color is an energy.

There are people who study color therapies, but most colors are a general knowledge. When creating your website, color should be an important aspect in the decision making of its creation. For example, if you are building a site that involves healing therapy, a black/gray/red combination might not be the best choice. More like shades of blue and green would be better. People associate yellow with happiness, red for power/confidence, purple for spirituality, and so forth. You get the idea.

So when you have an idea, but not sure of the color code or name, you can spend countless hours googling color palettes… or, you could begin with pre-made collections and go from there. It’s not just one color, it’s usually up to four; main, accents, links, alternative.

A great place to begin is to envision your future website, take in how it makes you feel and what colors you see behind closed eyes. Then head over to Canva’s color combinations and see what jumps out or speaks to your vision. When you find a few you like, the designer can hone it in until you get that awe moment and it is giving you joy.

Color really is part of our world — the clothes we wear, foods we eat (could you imagine eating a purple ham?), and how we decorate/paint the rooms in our home. In case you are looking for color ideas, here is the link to Canva (

Enjoy coloring your world, your way!

Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

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