Over twenty years ago, I sat in my bedroom and typed the contents in this book on a typewriter, then on a word processor. The papers and floppy discs were set aside, buried deep and forgotten.

I had hoped one day to get the whole story out, but it was a difficult time for me. I dealt with failed marriages, abuse, raising kids on my own, suffering panic and anxiety attacks almost daily and attempted just to maintain breathing.

At the encouragement of my daughter and granddaughter, and one of my daughters friends… I decided to sweep the dust off and let the pages be typed into a writing program. From there, I went through every page, reliving the words inside my head, but also discovering how much I have healed from days gone by.

I love life and am thankful for all opportunities and blessings given. I am in a place to continue writing the story– this is the first of several books to come.

I appreciate all who read it with an open mind and understand that we are not psycho, should not be drugged up or locked up, but just understood that we deal with life’s pain in a unique way. Thank you!

Warning** There is some adult content written and it could trigger those who have similar experiences of specific personalities that emerge.

My book is currently available in Kindle or paperback format.